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Tasting Wall

The tasting wall

The same technology is applied to our tasting wall. You insert your prepaid card (available from the bar), select which guest ale you would like to try, pickup a glass and pour away.

You can pour yourself a half of each guest ale out of the 5 available, then keep pouring your favorite every time you come back to the wall.

iPad ordering Booth's

We've installed some amazing technology which is unique in any bar or restaurant in the North of England!

Our self service iPad booth's allow you to order food and drink from our menu when you want and also reorder drinks during your meal using the "same again" button.

You can even pour your own pint's from taps installed on the table!

iPad self service ordering booths

Order our delicious food from our main and smokehouse menus using our iPad ordering booth's. Pour your own pints and hit the "same again" button to keep the drinks flowing.